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Questions used in Midtest 2014


  • The real midterm competency exam scheduled on Tuesday April 22, 2014, 14.30-16.01 GMT+7 (91 minutes) will consist of 50 points of multiple choice (closed books no exception to any kind of dictionary);
  • I decide to upload the REAL QUESTION here based on intention to guide the student to be more focus in preparing this test;
  • Nevertheless, the questions are uploaded here without answer options in order to avoid from “just memorizing the answer code”
  • The order of question number is different to the real test.


The question:


  1. Learn about two types of explanation!
  2. Give an example of nomothetic explanation
  3. “Mr A got traffic accident because a man in his age tends to be careless in drivingis an example of … explanation
  4. Learn about “social regularitiesas a foundation to social science!
  5. Give an example of “social regularities”
  6. Aggregate data (AD) is a collective data in which consist of a number of individual data (ID). Learn the relation between AD and ID!
  7. What is the definition of CONCEPT?
  8. Because of its abstract characteristic, how can we measure a concept?
  9. Give three proper examples of concept
  10. To measure values of a concept, what have to do first?
  11. Conceptual definition which is more appropriate to define “POWER” as a concept in political science is
  12. Three variables which are relevant to measure HUMAN DEVELOPMENT as a social concept is
  13. Give an example of the relation between concept and variable!
  14. One of proper variable of the concept “political order” is
  15. Values in a variable could be in forms of…
  16. Values in a variable must fit to the principle of exhaustiveness (ketuntasan) and mutual exclusiveness (keterpisahan timbal-balik). Values derived from variable ”marriage status” which is fit to those principles are
  17. (Look back to point 16) Values derived from variable which is NOT fit to those principles are
  18. Learn the research process using INDUCTIVE method!
  19. Learn the research process using DEDUCTIVE method!
  20. In designing a research, it is started with a series of three activities, those are
  21. To find an interest to research a subject, what way we can use?
  22. The idea of research can occur from
  23. What is the benefit in using theory to research design?
  24. In a form of statement (proposition), theory
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    is the relation between … and …

  25. The basic and substantial purposes of any research are …
  26. Tentative conclusion of a research means that the conclusion is …
  27. Explorative research means
  28. Give a best example of explanatory research is
  29. Prescriptive research has a specific purpose to
  30. The main distinction between DESCRIPTIVE and EXPLANATORY research is:
  31. In explanatory research we recognized dependent variable (DV) and independent variable (IV). Learn on the relations between DV and IV!
  32. In designing a research, we must define POPULATION. Population here means
  33. Give a proper example of population!
  34. In research design, sample is …
  35. Give a proper example of sampling!
  36. As a social science student, why do you must take this subject (methodology of social research)? Because
  37. Learn about the relations between what we know and how we know in term of research methodology!
  38. Instinct to knowing anything named “sense of curiosity” is specifically belong to
  39. All everything to which human want to know is called
  40. Worms are disgusting and chicken meat is delicious. What kind of reality is it?
  41. Who are the authority owners to whom people sometimes make them as references in understanding realities
  42. Learn the relations between direct experiences and agreement/disagreement to indirect experiences!
  43. Prior becoming an autonomous person to declare agree/disagree to others’ experience, what ways kids shape their understanding to reality?
  44. Non-scientific inquiry has a big risk for human understanding to reality. What are they?
  45. Imlek Chinese Year 2559 is the year of the ground-rat” (tikus-tanah). In consequence, most of people will behave like the ground-rat, means there will be many corruption and clandestine (bawah-tanah) subversive activities. This conclusion is an error of inquiry that’s called …
  46. Give an example of overgeneralization!
  47. How to avoid overgeneralization?
  48. So to speak, social sciences is actually more difficult to study than natural sciences, because …
  49. Four foundations of social sciences are …
  50. Learn the distinction between theoretical explanation to the social phenomenon and philosophical opinion!


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